If you are ready to elevate your relationship to the next level, join us with your partner October 12 – 14, 2022, for an empowering and personal experience for committed couples who want to keep growing in love as they create a resilient relationship of intimacy, connection, and fun!

Create Your Ideal Relationship

Remember for a moment, standing with your love… looking deep into their eyes…as you declared your commitment to this person you have chosen to share your life with…

Recall the feelings of the day…hopepromiseexcitementpassion…the world was your oyster and you were ready to explore it with this wonderful person beside you.

And life happened.

Maybe with the daily responsibilities and demands of life…the excitement and passion feel a little less tangible.

Maybe the pressures and stressors of life, family, and career have caused the hope and promise to feel more like a dream than reality. You know all the feelings and desires are still there…and hopefully someday…when all the stresses are behind you or if you can just get through the next thing…then, then you can create the space and time to return to achieve the dreams you both share.

Statistics would tell us we have less than a 50/50 chance of having a successful marriage, let alone an amazing, exciting, fulfilling one! What if I told you this doesn’t need to be true? What if I shared that you have the ability to be move beyond limiting beliefs and conventional boundaries and thrive in your relationship and life right now?

What if I shared that you can put resilience into action, learn new and fun ways to connect with your partner, strengthen your commitment, and have the relationship you want…right now?

Would you be interested? Since you are still here, I think you might be.

You can create your ideal relationship with your partner.  A relationship that is built on commitment, communication, and trust. You can create a relationship that is resilient and strong. You can bring back the hope…promise…excitement…and passion…and joy into your relationship!

Join us at the October 2022 ELEVATE Resilience three-day event and discover together how to create your ideal relationship and design the life you chose.

Creating a successful marriage takes a continued effort and commitment on behalf of both partners in the marriage and truly needs to be made a priority again, and again, and again for it to last a lifetime. Thank you, Shannon, for giving Roger and I tools and strategies to use to deepen and renew our commitment, communication skills, and forever love.

Celeste and Roger Ducharme

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The Exponential Power of Action model:

  • Personal Responsibility of Resilience-Building
  • Resilience Preparation, Before the Event
  • Resilience Restoration, After the Event
  • Resilient Culture, Family or Organization

This ELEVATE Resilience in Your Relationship event was designed for you, if you want to…

Deepen the Connection with Your Partner to Create Greater Intimacy, Communication, and Trust.

Create a Robust and Rewarding Partnership and Move as a Team Through Adverse Experiences, Rise Up Stronger, and Thrive in Your Relationship.

Acquire and Build Tangible Skills to Design Your Successful and Fulfilling Relationship…  and Have Fun Doing it

Event Leader

Shannon King, CNTC, Relationship & Resilience Coach

Successful relationships take effort and commitment.  Sometimes, regardless of our best intentions… Life happens! Life can bring us different kinds of challenges that can test our relationships in a multitude of ways, making it more difficult for couples to be resilient and thrive.

Imagine moving beyond conventional beliefs of marriage to create the high-level relationship of your dreams?

If having a flourishing relationship that supports both you and your partner is the type of relationship you desire, ELEVATE Resilience is where you start.

Combining over 30 years of law enforcement experience, a thriving and fulfilling marriage, and my personal triumph over trauma, I will share with you my expertise in resilience-building and wellness and the role they play in a resilient relationship. You will leave the event engaged, uplifted, and empowered with tools to help your relationship prosper and thrive, as well as increase your resilience and effectiveness in your life.

It is time for you to surround yourself with other committed couples and  who are ready to create substantive change and elevate your relationship.

“This event has changed our relationship and life 100%.”

Josh & Kelly Seda

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is 100% our goal! We are so confident that you will find the ELEVATE Resilience in Your Relationship Event a valuable experience, that we back it with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

*If by lunch on Day #1, you do not feel this event is for you, contact one of the team members and let them know. The event admission investment will be refunded within ten days, no questions asked.

Please Note: Life happens, and we understand. In the event you are unable to attend this year’s workshop, we will apply your fee to next year’s event for the same price paid. Due to limited space, we appreciate any cancellation notice as early as possible to allow another couple the opportunity to attend.

COVID Clause: During these uncertain times, we want to offer as much peace of mind as possible. Please CLICK HERE for information regarding any event cancellation due to COVID.