Join Us In Tucson, Arizona October 7 to 9, 2019

An empowering and personal experience for law enforcement professionals and first responders, who are ready to take actionable steps for real results in building-resilience for a healthier, thriving future.


Evolving Law Enforcement Via Autonomy, Trust & Empathy


Do you at times feel lost among the masses or the prescribed action does not seem to meet you completely where you know you need support?

There are a lot of law and policy and social expectation that governs a LEO’s work. You have committed your life and heart to serving your organization, community, and culture. Although you are a member of each group, you are also a sovereign being with individual needs and purpose.

Understand how to use your autonomy inside and outside of your job so you can be more integrated and effective in your personal and professional life.


Now more than ever, trust is needed in law enforcement…

…Imagine having the ability to address the impacts and influences of your job and develop the skills to equip you to be more resilient to stand firm and move through the stresses and adverse experiences before they occur – so you can be healthier in your professional and personal life.

When you are resilient and integrated…you can make better decisions, perform more effectively, and create more trustworthiness with those you serve. 



Empathy, compassion, and fairness are foundational to service. As a law enforcement professional, you are placed in all kinds of situations that require you to respond from a position of empathy and fairness. With a foundational practice of replenishing your resilience, you can better maintain the mental and emotional capacity to respond with empathy and compassion in your job, or even your close relationships.

Learn about and understand how your brain and heart influence your well-being. Acquire easy-to-implement techniques to mitigate the effects of job pressures and adverse events so you have more energy, less stress, and greater focus each day!

It begins with a healthy you!

This ELEVATE Resilience event is based on Resilience4

The Exponential Power of Action model:

  • Organizational Systems for Resilience
  • Personal Resilience Capacity Building
  • Resilience Preparation: Before the Event
  • Resilience Restoration: After the Event

Discover Innovative Resilience-Building Strategies to Create Healthier, Stronger Relationships and Working Environments

Increase and Influence Brain Integration to Be More Effective in Your Personal and Professional Life

Acquire Easy-to-Implement Techniques to Mitigate the Effects of Job Pressures and Adverse Events so You Have More Energy, Less Stress, and Greater Focus Each Day

Experience a leadership event that combines cutting edge learning with application and fun!

Walk away with skills and techniques that can be implemented immediately.

The ELEVATE Resilience event was designed for you if you want to...

Strengthen and increase your own resilience so you can face the daily stresses with ease

Process and mitigate the emotional effects of adverse events so you can be healthier and thrive throughout your career

Grow your practice of self-care so you can respond to the demands of your job effectively and productively

“This event changes our lives and our marriage 100%.”

J.S. Deputy Sheriff
& K.S. Probation Officer

She is a true leader and a special gift to all who meet her.

Shannon was so much more than a great facilitator; she was a great teacher, mentor, a partner and a friend. She encouraged each of us to allow ourselves to be vulnerable in a nurturing and caring environment, which is not the normal atmosphere for those in law enforcement careers. 
She is a true leader and a special gift to all who meet her.
I have taken many of the things I learned from Shannon back to my department and use them every day to motivate and influence others. I sincerely hope that many, many others will take the time to attend her new training course and feel empowered by all she has to offer.”
~ Judy H., Sgt

Magnificent Location and Fabulous Accommodations

Who: You and other law enforcement and first responder professionals wanting to stand strong in their passion to do their job with health, balance, and happiness.

Where: Lodge on the Desert, Tuscon, AZ

When: October 7 to 9, 2019

     Monday: 9:00am – 5:00pm (Registration Opens at 8:15 am)

     Tuesday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

     Wednesday: 9:00am – 3:00pm

Event Leader

Shannon King

While working in peer-support, Shannon King, a former lieutenant of the California Highway Patrol, initially discovered her passion for officer well-being. After recovering physically and emotionally from a life-threatening traumatic event, Shannon personally recognizes the importance of resilience preparation before trauma occurs.

She has utilized her expertise in resilience-building and wellness to create an interactive program designed to help her participants rise up stronger through adverse experiences inherent to the job.

By combining scientifically-supported practices of neuroscience with the mind/body connection, Shannon is committed to bringing the “exponential power of action in resilience” to the law enforcement community.

You will leave this event engaged, uplifted, and energized with tools to help you thrive through your career.

It is time for you to surround yourself with other professionals who are ready to create substantive change in the well-being of law enforcement.

Shannon is a highly skilled and credible facilitator.  
Her delivery is highly engaging, and she creates an environment where students are both challenged and reinforced.”  

Matt J. – LEO Lt.

A genuine person with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful

Shannon was real, someone I could connect with, and a genuine person with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be successful not only in a law enforcement career but life in general.”

~ Sandy K., Sgt.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is 100% our goal! We are so confident that you will find the ELEVATE Resilience Event a valuable experience, that we back it with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If by lunch on Day #1, you do not feel this event is for you, contact one of the team members and let them know.  We will refund your money no questions asked! We believe in your satisfaction this much!

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* If by lunch on Day #1, you don’t feel this event is for you, contact one of our team members and let them know.  We will refund your money no questions asked! Now that’s a deal!

Please Note: Any money-back requests made after lunch break on Day#1 will not be honored.  If you are unable to attend the event and let us know before the start of Day #1, we will roll your ticket over to next year’s event.