“I wish I had known about the tips and techniques introduced at ELEVATE 30 years ago when my husband started his career in law enforcement and we started our marriage.  Lucky for us, we had the benefit of my father-in-law being in the exact same career, so we were always able to pull from his knowledge.  What I know now through ELEVATE is, there is new research which has led to new techniques to deal with the stress that law enforcement and first responder’s along with their family’s handle.  ELEVATE introduces participants to different techniques, then, should you choose, you can dive deeper into the technique that resonates with you.”

Alicia Spencer, spouse of LEO professional

“I have worked with Shannon King personally and professionally. Her expertise in a variety of modalities provides flexibility in addressing the needs of my team.  I enjoy hearing the director team of outdoor educators remind me to “walk the ladder” and use the skills Shannon shared with us. Shannon has given me tools to improve relationships with my husband, daughter, and sister.  I appreciate that she listens deeply and adapts to my schedule and current situation. I have also joined her ELEVATE Resilience event.  I enjoy her interactive style of presenting and can listen to her all day! “

Pam Johnson

“Shannon has the ability to really listen and then ask the perfect question to empower me to find the answer I am searching for. Her quiet confidence creates a safe environment to facilitate deeper insights.”

Paul C.

 “Shannon King is an incredibly wise and experienced teacher and healer. I have been blessed with her presence in my life as my personal coach. Shannon has many tools at her disposal to help listen and heal both mentally and emotionally. She has come from 25 years as a law enforcement officer, and has ended up on the other side balanced, happy and healthy. She now teaches others in not only her profession, but other professions how to maintain that same balanced, happy and healthy lifestyle no matter what the stress of their lives. She has amazing intuition and has cut right to the matter when coaching me, saving me hours of contemplating and procrastinating my goals. She has a loving and warm demeanor. I always know I can share anything with her and she never judges- only comes from a centered place of love. I have reached my personal goals faster and far more effectively since coaching with Shannon King, and I highly recommend her to anyone!”

Nori P.

“Shannon is a highly skilled and credible facilitator. Her delivery is highly engaging, and she creates an environment where students are both challenged and reinforced.”

Matt J. – LEO Lt.

“Co-facilitating a class with Shannon King is a truly enjoyable experience. Shannon is warm, caring, and deeply empathetic. She has nearly perfected the art of listening to understand, which makes her not only an exceptional facilitator but also a wonderful partner.”

Steve N. ~ CHP Sgt.